The Post Office Is Busy This Year


With all the Christmas cards we had to send out to our friends and family, I figured I needed an assistant, and who better than the little man himself! I came up with a simple dramatic play area for him to help with our actual Christmas cards. I had him place the stamps on each envelope and he got to decorate the back with stickers and markers. He had a ton of fun adding his personal touch to each envelope. When we were done with all the cards he loved to slide each one into his mailbox.

Materials for the “Post Office” building:
  • 3 sided science board (purchased from Dollar General)
  • Box cutter
  • Tape
  • Brick-printed paper (This can be purchased from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby (and don’t forget that 40% off coupon they run) and although they have a variety of patterned paper the brick is very versatile, just change the sign and create a different store front for another dramatic play set up.)
Optional Dramatic Play items:
  • Drawer insert or tray to place your smaller items
  • Cash register
  • Mailbox (ours is from Melissa & Doug)
  • Scale
  • Keyboard
  • Box
  • Stickers/Stamps
  • Markers/Crayons
  • Printed signs (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Post Office Register
A Quick How to:
We traced a window onto the front of the science board, being careful to only cut the rounded top and side portions. We left the straight edge at the bottom uncut as we only slightly scored the line just enough to bend it. We folded down the window and then folded the window in half so it acted as our counter, then taped the underside of the folded window. Finally, we covered the back (the brown side) with the brick paper, cut to fit the board and window cut out.
This dramatic play area provides lots of free and imaginative play but it can be altered for many different learning activities.
Christmas Cards Away

Here are just a couple examples.

  • Sort the mail by the first letter of the recipient’s name
  • Sort the mail by the last number in the zip code
  • Learn about numbers while you pay for stamps
  • Learn about how much an item may weigh from using a scale
  • Count the envelopes as they slide them into the mailbox
  • Lots of fine motor involvement from sticking the stamps on, placing the card into the envelope and placing the mail into the slot

We had lots of fun mailing our Christmas cards and we hope you have your little ones help make your cards just as special.